Did I really think that I could come back here to live full time? Bunratty is… Well let’s say it’s small. Tony in fact. Even Limerick is tiny. Auntie Monica though – she makes it feel good. I didn’t realise it had been nine months since I’d seen her. FaceTime makes it feel less I guess.

I sat at the bar of Nelly’s while she worked her shift last night. I drank too much mostly because other people were buying. It’s one advantage of being away so long. Saw some old mates from school. Ciarán Connell was in, looking almost as cute as he was in Sixth Year. I didn’t make too much of a fool of myself with the Jamesons. I don’t think. I hope not.

We haven’t talked about everything that’s going on yet. Waiting for the right time or maybe for these changes to process. Auntie Monica seems a ‘avoidy’ to say the least. DBx


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