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The Big Idea and The Real Reality

şefaatlı erkek arayan yaşlı bayanlar

So here’s a thing – setting up a publishing company isn’t as simple as I thought. Are you shocked? It’s mostly legal things and working through documents. Yaaaaaaaaaaawn! I’m sure it’ll start to feel more fun and exciting once I get the details sorted.

I feel strange about the whole thing really, as the books I have don’t feel like they belong to the publisher I was expecting. I have these two conflicting stories of my father. One is the vagrant adventurer and the other is this suit and tie business man. The books feel very much in the world of suit and tie, but mixed in with this dark undertone. So not really part of either world. It doesn’t feel like the sort of thing I’d be interested in, but yet there is something intriguing about it all.

So the plan right now is to go find the remaining books. Try and collect all these stories that were published by the company. I have 2 and I know there are at least another 3. No one is printing them and (as I already knew) they aren’t all that easy to locate online. I’ll need to continue going shop to shop on foot. Fortunately, NY still has loads of second hand bookshops I haven’t visited. There must be the odd volume hidden here. I’ve set up Google alerts should any of the titles come up for sale, but who knows if that will work. I’ve even contacted a rare books dealer I found in a newspaper ad. I only have to pay her if she finds something. We’ll see what happens. While I may very well live in a multi-million dollar house I don’t exactly have the disposable income to take on staff! I know I could sell this pile to make a pile, but that feels… wrong. This is pretty much all I have left of my family (except Mon of course!)

It would be great to find the books and sort of have them as the core of the company. Something to build from. I’d love to see what they feel like as a collection. I’d love to find new writers who could take those ideas and build something that means I’m honouring my father’s legacy. Building something. All just a pipe dream right now, but soon…


I just pulled The Wolf and The Wild off the shelf to jot down the copyright information and this page fell out.

I SWEAR it wasn’t in there before. I definitely would have seen it. I guess it could have been tucked in the back, but it seems highly unlikely.

It has roman numerals just like the page my father left me. It gives me chills everytime I hold it. I’m trying to make sense of it… maybe it was some sort of marketing material or advert for Ackerly Green? Otherwise why would it be in a book I bought from Hong Kong?

Maybe I’m just finally losing the plot. I know that’s how the world feels right now, anyway. (I refuse to say his name.)

This an honest-to-God mystery. Which, I have to admit, I much prefer to file requests and copyright applications. Something real, something concrete. Even if it seems to have fallen out of the non-concrete ether.

Great day!

Great day!

A great day! Heard back from a number of jobs. Three interviews. THREE!

I decided to treat myself to a Full English at Sarah’s on Kentish Town Road. I sat with my journal for about an hour trying to scribble plans down:

  • What to wear to each interview
  • Skills and assets
  • Why am I right for each role
  • Witty retorts that both demonstrate my sense of humour and yet leave them with a sense that I’m a safe pair of hands
  • Why do I want each job…

I’m not sharing the results here as there were no results. I got as far as the categories when Auntie Monica called, She’s just learned how to use FaceTime, but doesn’t understand the concept that it is not the sort of thing you do in public. Well at least that’s what I believe. People look ridiculous holding a thin slice of plastic and metal at arms length and shouting into thin air. The people who do take FaceTime calls in public are the same people who play their music without headphones. They find this socially acceptable.

No one’s reading this anyway. Right. DBx

Seriously, FML!

Seriously, FML!

Spectacular day. Juuuuuuuust spectacular! Marcus pulled me into one of the meeting rooms to tell me that they’re making me redundant! I get 4 weeks notice. So now what? Do I just chuck it all in and head home to the Mother Isle? Jesus, that’s a depressing thought. Taking shifts at DN’s and fending off flirtation from Billy Cochran.

No that’s not happening. Maybe I’ll just hide in Dave’s bed until he comes back from whichever lost native tribe he’s photographing this month.

Maybe he’s changed? Ha! DB.

Boss b*tching

Boss b*tching

Marcus Timms is the worst manager I have EVER had. He’s the reason Caroline left. He’s the reason I might leave too.

Reasons to hate him:

  • He comes from money. Stupid amounts of money. His dad is some sort of Earl of something.
  • He likes to have a bit of a grope when he thinks you’re not looking. He is stupid enough to think that you won’t notice him touch your a***!
  • He cannot do his own job, yet he seems to be very opinionated about how I do mine.
  • He had absolutely the worst breath in the world!
  • He Seagulls everything – which is what I call it when someone flies over you from a great height and then sh*tes over you by dumping their workload on you at the last minute.
  • He sort of looks like Boris Johnson…