Boss b*tching

Boss b*tching

Marcus Timms is the worst manager I have EVER had. He’s the reason Caroline left. He’s the reason I might leave too.

Reasons to hate him:

  • He comes from money. Stupid amounts of money. His dad is some sort of Earl of something.
  • He likes to have a bit of a grope when he thinks you’re not looking. He is stupid enough to think that you won’t notice him touch your a***!
  • He cannot do his own job, yet he seems to be very opinionated about how I do mine.
  • He had absolutely the worst breath in the world!
  • He Seagulls everything – which is what I call it when someone flies over you from a great height and then sh*tes over you by dumping their workload on you at the last minute.
  • He sort of looks like Boris Johnson…



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