Fiction flirtation – part 2

Fiction flirtation – part 2

Some more of the novel (it’s definitely a novel now):

As the lift finally freed itself from between floors Georgina spilled out into the reception area. The redhead behind the desk stared at her for a minute before speaking, “how long have you been in there?”

“Oh I’d say half an hour. No one responded when I pressed the buzzer,” Georgina replied.

“I guess it just decided to rest itself.”

“Really? That’s your response? Not sorry for all the trouble you’ve been put to? Not, are you okay? Just, oh it must have reset itself,” said Georgina, her cheeks flushing with the heat of rage now boiling up.

The receptionist continued to stare at her blankly in silence.

“Nothing? No apology? Nope?” the red Mist rising higher. “Okay fine. Whatever. You clearly don’t care about the people who visit your offices, so you probably don’t care about the people who work in your offices either. Thanks to your ridiculous lift I have now missed my interview. An interview for a job I clearly would have been perfect for but now don’t think I should even bother about asking to be seen on an alternative date because why would I want to work in a place that treats its people as if they’re nothing!”

“Miss Fitzpatrick?” came a voice to her left

Georgina spun round to face the tall conventionally handsome thirtysomething man in the Ted Baker suit who was calling her name. The mist still at its full height she snapped, “what?!”

“We’re so sorry about keeping you waiting. The last two interviews over ran. If you’re ready we’ll see you now,” he said offering a half smile, half look of incredulity.

“I… Yes, I… Thank you. I will… Yes,” was all she could offer in response.

Not based remotely on experience or factual events – honest!


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