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Month: February 2017

The Sea

incontri in bergamo

To learn at last why I have always felt adrift and wanting.
Why my efforts always left me lacking, lost.
It was you, after all, the one I didn’t know I was chasing.
The one who built a box and packed me up inside it.
Wrapped tight in the lies you wrote for me.
I’m going to do you one last favour, one mad deed I do for you.
And then I cast you out to sea.
I’m going to write a new story and see what it can do.
One where I’m no longer blind. One where light can get inside.
One where all of what I could’ve been can be dusted off and made to be.
Possibility. Possibly.
Where you have no more reign on me.
I pray the truth is brighter than the lie that was your gift.
I pray I wake tomorrow and I see the curtains lift.
Then I will set you out to sea and meet the girl you wouldn’t let me be.
A girl who doesn’t need to know you any longer.
A daughter that can see.