Great day!

Great day!

A great day! Heard back from a number of jobs. Three interviews. THREE!

I decided to treat myself to a Full English at Sarah’s on Kentish Town Road. I sat with my journal for about an hour trying to scribble plans down:

  • What to wear to each interview
  • Skills and assets
  • Why am I right for each role
  • Witty retorts that both demonstrate my sense of humour and yet leave them with a sense that I’m a safe pair of hands
  • Why do I want each job…

I’m not sharing the results here as there were no results. I got as far as the categories when Auntie Monica called, She’s just learned how to use FaceTime, but doesn’t understand the concept that it is not the sort of thing you do in public. Well at least that’s what I believe. People look ridiculous holding a thin slice of plastic and metal at arms length and shouting into thin air. The people who do take FaceTime calls in public are the same people who play their music without headphones. They find this socially acceptable.

No one’s reading this anyway. Right. DBx

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