To do’s

To do’s

To do before flight:

  • Email the lawyer
  • Contact Liam in Boston for first night recommendation
  • Get dollars (or one of those travel credit card things)
  • Book flight – direct from Shannon, via London or Iceland?

To do in NY list:

  • Get a black pepper and coriander pastrami sandwich from Katz’s
  • Cocktail at The Rainbow Room
  • Find a man to take me for cocktail at the Rainbow Room
  • Don’t enter the Hamilton lottery but make friends with someone who can get me a ticket
  • Mister Sunday
  • Do the Highline
  • Strawberry Fields
  • Staten Island Ferry – but don’t get off
  • Never go up the Empire State Building, Top of The Rock instead.
  • Murray’s Cheese Bar
  • Sit on a stoop with a stranger
  • Choose to visit Astoria over Williamsburg
  • Apply for a job at The New Yorker just for the craic

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