Anne of Israel

Anne of Israel

I’ve been here for what, a week, almost, and have left countless messages for the curator who ”knows about that sort of thing.” No response.

Magical Adventuring is not nearly as fun as it’s made up to be.

Cole is concerned.

I have almost literally talked his ear off. He fell asleep on the phone yesterday (his 3am) while I droned on for ages about paths of silver and wool and what does it mean and who are all these people and how does this have anything to do with me, and why couldn’t my father have just left a plainly legible letter explaining all the nonsense he’s worked so hard to hide… I guess that question answers itself, but all the others!!!

I have jumped out of bed at every door slamming in the hallway outside my room, sure it’s another ghost who’s also so done hearing me ramble on and on that he’s knocking from the inside of the room, trying to get out. (Though a big thanks to Leigha and Miss Evans (my fairy godmothers) who told me how to protect my doorways with salt. I went ahead and covered the room in it, took a bath in it, and have been eating my weight in chips since I got here so I think I’m covered for now.)

But… BUT!

In all my free time I have been doing some reading. You know where this is going don’t you? Did you guess mad speculation?

I was going through the posts about my father’s other journal volume, the one Lauren had (SO happy the winged, fire-spewing lady wizard never discovered I owned a volume of my own) and guess what I came across…

The story about the Unicorn Tapestries. The one about Anne of Brittany and her court of artists and her death and the objects her various parts were buried in…

Gold and silk. Silver and wool. Does silver and  wool sound familiar?

The road of silver and the road of wool. Two “roads” made up of art and crafted objects that my dad followed years ago, the two roads that led to nowhere, that he then upended and put together to make the road I’m on right now.

He wrote that there were two groups of people who knew some or all of the truth, and hundreds of years ago they set two trails of clues, hidden but built to be found by anybody with a strong enough desire to find them. A sort of recruitment tool.

The Anne of Brittany story mentions a secret guild of artists who were members of Anne’s court and also the cult of collectors who eventually stole the objects from her grave(s).

Could those be the two groups my dad mentioned? Artisans and Crafters? The secret guild and the cult? Are those the people he was looking for?

Is that where he’s got me heading?

One thought on “Anne of Israel

  1. “Could those be the two groups my dad mentioned? Artisans and Crafters? The secret guild and the cult? Are those the people he was looking for?”

    For some reason when I see Artisans and Crafters I think of the Freemasons and/or the Knights of Templar. The Rosicrucian Order seems to work with the Masons, just off of reading about the Golden Dawn since first level and second level resembled each of them. Just a weird random thought while reading through your journal entry.

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