In Israel. Sorry for not updating sooner. I’ve had a very weird experience. Let me back up though so you understand the maximum amount of weirdness.

There were a couple nights in Istanbul where I’d wake up to someone loudly knocking on my door. Not like, angry… just slowly pounding on the door. There were some guys in a room a few rooms down who could get rowdy and stumble back from wherever and sometimes not know where their room was so I figured it was them. I’d yell their actual room number and they’d go find their actual room.

So after the “Japanese” clue I flew back to Cape Town the next morning, got the same room in the amazing hotel I was staying in, overlooking Camps Bay.

Talked to Cole, emailed Mon, posted the letter I got from Orvin, ate, misplaced the contents of a rather lovely bottle of red, and went to bed.

Then two or three hours later someone started pounding on my door. Just like Istanbul, slowly slamming their fist into the door, over and over. In my stupor I yelled that they had the wrong room before realising I wasn’t in Istanbul. I freaked out, sneakily checked the peephole, but it was just black. Like someone was covering it up. So I called the front desk.

After a few minutes the knocking changed. It was faster, quiet. And then someone on the other side of the door said, “Ma’am, it’s the manager…”

I answered with the chain on. He said no one had been in the hall, but he heard the knocking too.

He said it was coming from my side of the door.

From inside the room.



Changed rooms. Stayed up all night. Got first flight out. Slept on the planes (three connections, fun.) And kept waking up thinking I heard the knock.

In Tel Aviv now. Will try and make it to the museum tomorrow. I’ve called ahead but I keep getting put through to a curator’s voicemail when I ask about 100 Hundred Stories of Demons and Spirits (a title which is very comforting right now, thanksverymuch.)

While I am thoroughly freaked out, I’m assuming this means I’m getting closer? I’m on the “path” he left me?

But why exactly did he have to make it so creepy?

2 thoughts on “Knockered

  1. Dierdre, Miss Evans have a few ideas about protecting yourself from dark magics on your journey.
    “I’d suggest Dee needs a lot of salt about her person. Salt lines across room doors, etc.
    And she needs to be so careful viewing that piece.”
    “Oh, and she’s in Israel: quick cleansing dip in the Dead Sea? Salty as you like…” -Miss Evans

    I always have a little baggie of salt in my bag, and regularly place black salt (salt mixed with charcoal) at the four corners of my house. Keeps the nasties away.

    “Deirdre, if you see this, when you go to your room for the night, (every night, every hotel room) get the useless little bar soap from the bathroom and use it to draw a five pointed star on the floor in front of the door, with one point pointing out, at the door. It will protect your room from any magical malfeasance. ” -Me
    Stay frosty out there Deeds.

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