Something’s Worked

Something’s Worked

Not sure what. I spent the entire day looking into everything you guys recommended. The university, back to the palace, back to the museum there. There were a couple places/things that were definitely “sorrowful” including a painting with a harem and this chained-up monkey that was heartbreaking, but who knows… Regardless, #goteam

The journal now says “return to the line of silver, the line of the craftsmen. Where Archemedes’ cry shines brightest through its adoring cut.” The “line of silver” bit has to do with the two paths my dad found (will explain as soon as I can put a big post together, hopefully on a long flight to somewhere else, no offense Turkey,) but the rest seems like the clue for the next leg. Any ideas? My brain is scrambled.

Cole: I got your messages. I was never able to get my phone working here. Write me?

4 thoughts on “Something’s Worked

  1. Hi Deirdre 🙂
    Hope everything is going great with you, and we are glad we were able to help you on the last leg so you can leave Turkey earlier 😉
    About the second part of this clue, we think that the “Archemedes’ cry” means the word “Eureka”. We also found that it may relate to either the the Eureka Diamond (the first diamond found in South Africa which is on display at the Kimberley Mine Museum) or a painting about a sort of death ray Archimedes invented which is in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence (I have personally been there and if it’s not the place you are supposed to go for the next leg, go there some other time nonetheless because it is awesome!). We do believe that the diamond is the most likely choice, however, but since we do not know how they relate to the first part of the clue, we decided to send you both options.
    These are our findings so far, but if anything else comes up we shall tell you.
    Have a safe journey 😀

  2. I think it’s the diamond too! I’m working on a blog post about the “line of silver” but that means (I think) crafted works from hard materials, or works crafted with heavier tools. Metals and stone, I believe. The diamond would definitely fall into that category.

    Going to try and make flight arrangements tonight if I can manage it (after midnight here), otherwise I will first thing in the morning. On to Cape Town!

  3. Getting on a flight to Cape Town in a few (by way of overnight stop in Dubai.) Will update on flight or when I land!

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