I have to admit, this is the most contented and grounded I’ve felt in a long time. Not just since NYC, but for ages. I am working on something I’m passionate about, and I’m making this house my own, one bit at a time… (the cold and rain have me in serious nesting mode.)

I’ve even met someone. Well, I haven’t met someone, but I’ve “met” someone. And I will at some point in the (hopefully near) future, meet him.

So all in all, 2017 feels like it’s off to a rather good start.

And now, as is required at this time of year, here is my very hastily put together list of new year resolutions:

  1. Find the rest of the AG books.
  2. Decide whether I wait to begin reprinting them until I have them all, or plow on so I don’t tear my hair out waiting.
  3. Continue researching the inner-workings of successful publishing companies/businesses.
  4. Join a writer’s group and meet possible future collaborators.
  5. Find some form of cardiovascular activity that I will stick to doing. And do it. Perhaps several days in a row. Weekly (possibly.)
  6. Continue to make this house my own. (And being cutthroat about moving/removing things, what’s the point of having this place if I’m not actually living in it. I have to stop feeling guilt over this windfall and just enjoy it. “Why yes, I am a homeowner. Thankyouverymuch” is my new mantra.)
  7. Make a special point to stay in touch with Auntie Mon. I regret how little we’ve talked since I moved here.

That’s it. Oh, and continue enjoying having “met” someone. 🙂

What, no mention of my father’s journal? I’ve put it aside. Something about it saddens me. I’ve looked at it from every direction (and every frame of mind) and found something new each time, while somehow losing everything I found before. It’s like he left this sad, dark puzzle and maybe I’m just too happy these days to get my head around it. I’m okay with that, I think. I can always revisit it. Another resolution?


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