Books! Books! Books!

Books! Books! Books!

So I’m feeling more sane this week. I think I’m finding my rhythm here. It’s either that or the fact that I’ve been keeping myself busier than usual. I finished Through the Night. I was impressed. It was kind of dark, just my cup of tea. I won’t spoil the ending for you (you being the non-existent person that’s reading this!) what I will share is that at the back of the book there was a further reading list. More Ackerly Green books. Here are some of the titles:

  • The Animus Complex
  • Seven Cradle Songs
  • The Wolf and The Wild
  • Leadfoot Devil

I did an Amazon search for them all, but nothing came up. There’s another Through the Night, but it’s not the same book. Similar plot though. As Amazon was a bit of a bust I started Googling the titles. I was about to give up as it’s no fun rifling through pages of unhelpful search engine results (has any good ever come of looking past the first page of results? That section of the Internet is reserved for inebriated stalking of your ex, which I assure you I have NOT been doing, mostly.) Glad I looked! Amazingly The Wolf and The Wild got a hit. The link led me to a copy of the book for sale by a collector in Hong Kong. I decided to be bold and have ordered it. Not cheap, but I think it’ll be worth it – heritage and that 😉

But this got me thinking, if these books are all out of print, most likely they’re not on Amazon. So I decided to make visits to a couple of local booksellers. I didn’t find anything (yet) but I ended up having the most AMAZING experience. I was browsing through the shelves of Cumberland Books when I overheard this guy come in to get a box of books appraised. This book in particular got the attention of the seller:

Seriously! It was a thing of beauty. And 450 years old! I couldn’t stop myself. The Irish charm went into full swing. I worked my way into the conversation and before long the owner of the book was telling how he found it and showing me every page…

A few years ago he was looking to buy an old truck and found this in the barn the truck was stored in. He bought the book instead! He said it’s full of stories from some kind of pre-freemason society and their search for religious artifacts.

Beautiful right? The best was this:

Stuck between the pages are scraps of other documents that they tore up and used to bind the book. Those scraps are from writings much older than the book, maybe a hundred years older. Who knows what stories they told, just lost to time…

The buyer excused himself and the book owner. They disappeared into a back room and left me out front. Mystery abounds! I posted another photo to my instagram account. Just gorgeous.

Did I mention that I love books? I love books.

No silly sightings of strange men or shadowy encounters of any kind for that matter. AND I finally have Mr Wallace pinned down to a lunch date next week with a solid promise he will not ditch me this time.

I’m feeling on the up and up!


PS – note the G, I’m feeling the G this week 🙂

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