Strange things

Strange things

All in all a bizarre day! I still haven’t heard back from my interviews, which is bit on the annoying side. This seem to be taking longer than usual. Beverly (my recruitment consultant) said she thinks people are holding off on any big decisions until after the referendum results. Once that’s al done and dusted people can get back to business as usual and the hiring will happen pretty quickly. She’s had positive feedback from two of them. I didn’t pursue the S&P job – it looked a bit on the stuffy side for me. With all this running around my mind I decided to head up to Hampstead and enjoy the unusually warm day.

I found a great spot near the ponds. Took a book (having a Jane Austen re-read-a-thon) and just relaxed. It was thankfully quiet(ish) but there are some odd sorts about. I’d been there about an hour when this old bloke sits on the same bench as me. Nothing out of the ordinary I guess, it’s not exactly brimming with seats. He made some passing comment on my book and I returned the small talk. I am nothing if not a polite young woman. He only stayed for about five minutes and as he left he said that it was nice chatting. All fine. But then when he said goodbye he used my name!

It freaked me out a little. How the hell did he know my name? Of course it was only later that I realised that it’s printed on the front cover of my notebook… So, maaaaaaaybe I’m over-reacting on that front. But later on, when I was headed home, I swear I saw him again getting on my bus. I was upstairs and he boarded one stop after I did. He didn’t come upstairs though, so I wasn’t 100% sure. I didn’t see him get off and then when I went down to get off at my stop I couldn’t see him on the lower deck either.

All coincidence stuff I’m sure, but just now I looked out of the flat onto the street and there was a man stood on the other side of the road looking up at my window. As soon as I saw him he moved off. I couldn’t see his face, but I just got this weird feeling. Creepy.

Maybe I’ve been on my own in this place for too long. My brain is starting to make stuff up!


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